Frequently Asked Questions

(confession: Actually, nobody has ever asked any of these questions. But they might!)

Q: This doesn't work at all. What's wrong with you?
Sorry about that. I've only tested it on a very limited number of PC's, on my own network. If you're having trouble, please file an issue on the Issue Tracker with as much detail about the problem and your configuration as you can. Thanks!

Q: Can I use a port other than 8265?
Sure! You can specify a different port on the command-line. E.g.: on the destination PC, type "splash.exe 4711" and on the source PC type "splish.exe 4711"

Q: Can I stream from more than one PC?
splish.exe and splash.exe work in a 1-to-1 relationship, so you can't stream from multiple PC's to the same instance of splash.exe. But you should be able to run multiple instances running on different ports (see previous question) to accomplish what you want.

Q: What if I'm using XP / 2003?
Splish Splash uses the new WASAPI APIs introduced in Windows Vista, so it won't work on XP. I don't know of any way to do what splish.exe does (capture the local audio output) on Windows XP, so Windows XP will never be supported.
That said, if you have a Vista+ PC to run splish.exe on but you want to send the audio to an XP / 2003 PC, you can accomplish this by using pulseaudio instead of splash.exe. Basic steps are:
1. Install the Windows Pulse Audio binaries from
2. Create a file with the following contents:
load-module module-waveout record=0
load-module module-simple-protocol-tcp format=float32 port=8265
3. Run "pulseaudio"
But again, this will only work to send audio to XP (not from).

Q: Why do I have to use 44100Hz? I want 48000!
The core problem is that the API used by Splish Splash (WASAPI) does not do sample rate conversion for you, and I don't want to write that myself (it's not easy). So I require that both sides are using the same sample rate. Since virtually all hardware supports 44100, this is the rate I chose to force you to use. If this bugs you, let me know and I might consider adding an option to let you use a different sample rate (but you'd still need to make sure both source and destination PC have the same default sample rate). Else if some DSP-guru wants to write the sample rate conversion for me, that'd be awesome. :-)

Q: Is Splish Splash secure?
No! Splish Splah sends raw audio over the network without any authentication. That means anybody on the network could connect and send audio to you, possibly even damaging your speakers. So make sure you only use it on a trusted LAN and your firewall isn't configured to allow outside connections from the internet.

Q: Could I use this to stream music from a Windows PC to a Linux PC?
Probably! splish.exe sends raw 44100Hz, 2 channel, 32-bit float audio data. You can receive this using pulseaudio running on a linux PC (instead of splash.exe on a Windows PC) with the following configuration:
load-module module-simple-protocol-tcp format=float32 port=8265

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