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Project Description

Splish Splash is a pair of executables (splish and splash) that stream the audio from one Vista+ PC to another. Play music on your laptop and have it come out the speakers of your home theater PC!

Splish Splash consists of two executables:
  • splish.exe captures the audio output from one PC and sends it to another PC on the network.
  • splash.exe receives audio from a PC running splish.exe and plays it on its own speakers.

Basic Usage

On the destination PC (e.g. your home theater PC with nice speakers) just run splash.exe:
C:\splishsplash> splash.exe

On the source PC (e.g. your laptop where you're going to play music files using Windows Media Player) run splish.exe with the IP of the destination PC (e.g.
C:\splishsplash> splish.exe

See Usage for more help.


  • Only works on Vista and Win7 (it relies on audio API's that were introduced in Vista).
  • Windows default audio format must be configured to 44100Hz. See Configuring Windows Default Audio Format.
  • Latency is around 500-1500ms to avoid glitches / buffering. Thus it's mostly only useful for music. You can't use it for video, or other cases when synchronization is important. Future versions may allow you to configure the target latency.
  • There's no authentication or security of any kind, so make sure you have a firewall between you and the internet.
  • Probably not suitable for streaming over the internet or over low-bandwidth LAN's. Audio is sent completely raw at 44100Hz, 2 channels, 32-bit samples (i.e. about 350k/s of data).

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